Telum Talks To...Rachel Grunwell, Editor at Thrive

Telum Talks To...Rachel Grunwell, Editor at Thrive
Kristy Nguyen

Describe your role as the Editor of Thrive.
I geek out on research-backed wellness ideas and ways you can elevate your health. This is something I live and breathe and love. Your health is your greatest wealth. Without it, there's no foundation for happiness.
How did you get started with your career in the wellness industry?
I became a Wellness Columnist for the New Zealand Herald group 10 years ago, writing weekly about fitness and health ideas. I then went on to be a Columnist for and then Good magazine (as well as running my own blog and wellness business).

Basically, I was a guinea pig and tried all these crazy fitness and health ideas at the start of my wellness writing journey. I was really unfit back then and knew nothing about wellness or nutrition. I've since got a bunch of qualifications in the wellness field and a publisher put out my wellness book Balance. I've never been fitter or healthier in my life - I've gone from an unfit mum to a multi-marathoner and I came 6th in the Crossfit masters league comp in Melbourne last year.

The bonus of being in the wellness industry is that I've fallen in love with it and understand it. I get what it's like to feel unhealthy and unfit and how hard that journey is to go on. I'm committed to making it easier for others to do and understand it through my written work. These days, I'm seen as a wellness influencer on Instagram too by a lot of brands and I work with a lot of companies who care about elevating the health and happiness levels of Kiwis. It's an awesome shared mission and I love all the work I do. I'm very grateful.
Who makes up the staff at the publication?
I'm Editor of the Thrive section and there is a team involved in different parts of this machine.
What trends are you looking forward to seeing in the future?
Women living with more self-love and confidence and helping other women to shine bright.
What advice would you give to PRs hoping to get noticed?
Keep it brief and inspired!

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