Telum Talks To… Rachel Kelly, Senior Producer / Presenter, MONEY FM 89.3

Rachel spoke to Telum Media about the launch of her new series Eco Money and about how she is coping with work from home during the pandemic.

Rachel Kelly spoke to Telum Media about the launch of her new series Eco Money and about how she is coping with work from home during COVID-19.
Money FM has launched a new series called Eco Money that not only talks about sustainability but also explains to business owners and consumers how things like green loans and green bonds help to restructure and streamline business processes.

“I think, for me, being sustainable and looking at being more financially prudent or savvy come hand in hand and that’s essentially the concept behind how this whole series started.”

Eco Money has all kinds of guests on the show to talk about sustainability and finance. Rachel mentioned that there was an interesting interviewee coming up – Marco Tedesco, who is a professor at Columbia University in New York.

“He has just come up with a really insightful study on what’s happening in Greenland at the moment. That will be coming up in the next two weeks”

Rachel covered sustainability and business more than a decade ago at Channel NewsAsia. She said that since the perspectives have changed among people. They are now more open and willing to consume such news, especially since sustainability is in the forefront of what everybody is talking about now.

“There’s much more understanding in terms of why being sustainable is important not in terms of climate change but just in terms of the way we consume things…”

For broadcast, there are a lot of guests that come into the studio but with the current measures against COVID-19, that has become impossible. As such, presenters have been conducting interviews over the phone for a while. With the enhanced circuit breaker measures put in place in Singapore, a lot of the radio presenters are now working from home.

“We don’t have the kind of interaction and communication you would on a typical day, but it’s been interesting that we’ve found very creative ways to get around things.”

For PRs, the key thing is to know who you are pitching to and be targeted in your approach. It is important that PRs are clear and concise when sending journalists information during this period.

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