Telum Talks To… Rawee Tawantharong, Executive Vice President, Nation Group / President, Society of Online News Providers (SONP)

Telum Talks To this episode we speak with Guss Rawee Tawantharong about his current roles as Executive Vice President at the Nation Group responsible for the Business Intelligence department and as President of the Society of Online News Providers (SONP). The Business Intelligence department focuses on the development of ways the media operate in the online space, the development of new channels and products (content), in terms of their suitability to the platform, as well as income generation. As for SONP, its main focus is the development of online news organisations in the digital space. It promotes knowledge and understanding of digital platform technology for the media to be able to keep up, adapt, and effectively optimise from today's technology. 

As part of his roles at the Nation Group and SONP, Rawee has been keeping his eyes on movements and changes in both consumers' behaviour and the online platforms which have an impact on the media in many areas, globally. In this interview, he shares some insights into what he has been studying as well as the takeaway from the latest YouTube News Working Group in the U.S. to which he was invited as one of the two representatives from Thailand recently. He discusses changes and trends in consumers' behaviour, and the type of content that all platform algorithms are looking for which is challenging but will also be a great opportunity for every online media outlet. He also shares his thought on what it takes in order to make online media outlets succeed in this highly competitive field with constant changes. Finally, he shares updates about some new product and feature development from the Nation Group which is going to launch soon as well as the upcoming activities from SONP. 

Read the article mentioned in the interview here.

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