Telum Talks To... Sam Reynolds, Reporter, Blockworks

Sam Reynolds came to Asia a few years ago as an analyst when he was impressed by how Taiwan's homegrown companies shaped the technology space. He was then fascinated by how crypto was quickly becoming a game-changer in Asia and subsequently became a writer focusing on digital assets.

Telum Media recently caught up with him on how public relations professionals can work with him in getting his story done and how he values face-to-face interactions with his sources.

Key takeaways: 

* He is officially based in Taipei covering the digital assets and crypto scene in Asia. However, he is physically in Vancouver at the moment and will travel to Europe to attend several physical industry events in November 2021. 
* He is always open to working with PRs in getting his stories done. For example, some 50% of the stories he wrote in the previous year came from PRs. 
* A pitch that contains elements of exclusivity, such as an exclusive quote or embargoed information, will better catch his attention.
* Even when there isn't a specific pitch, Sam loves it when PRs can give him insights into the fast-developing industry. Drop him a line for a coffee or chat over lunch.

Click here to watch the full interview. (Video duration: 19 minutes)

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