Telum Talks To... Shadow Yang, Industry Research Director, Ringier Trade Media

Telum Talks To... Shadow Yang, Industry Research Director, Ringier Trade Media

Rejoining Ringier Trade Media after leaving for two years, Shadow Yang, the Industry Research Director, talked to Telum about her marketing experience in the past two years and the media’s focus on topics raised by the COVID-19 outbreak globally.

You left the publication more than two years ago - what have made you rejoin Ringier Trade Media?
In the past two years, I have tried to create non-media platforms, dabble in the field of marketing, learn promotion skills and organise events. At the same time, I have a better understanding of various vertical fields, including automobiles, lasers and automation, and tried to make an industrial programme to continue reporting on the industry. These kinds of experience provided me with more mature and comprehensive thinking. In addition, Ringier Trade Media’s need for content upgrading has also led to our new cooperation.

How has your experience over the last couple of years contributed to your current role?
The fields I was involved in include automotive manufacturing, automated assembly and laser processing. Among them, the exhibitions of automobile manufacturing provided great insights for my current work. The company I worked for gave me a lot of freedom to do the planning, execution and promotion of content marketing. It also helped me to systematically understand the channels, conversions and other indicators for market promotion evaluation. These experiences motivated me to pay more attention to the closed-loop method in my later work.

How are your current job duties different from two years ago?
Previously, I served as a manager in Ringier Trade Media’s editorial team, focusing on creating content about the metal processing section. My goal was to get recognition from the industry. After rejoining Ringier Trade Media, my work responsibilities are more diverse. I need to manage the department on a higher level, to help our team members to adjust to one another, and to fully tap the potential of the team. As an important part of departmental collaboration, I also need to cooperate with different departments to strengthen the understanding of market promotion and expand external business.

Among the magazines published by Ringier Trade Media, which one do you personally pay more attention to?
I would pay more attention to International Metalworking News for China, where I have worked for eight years, growing from an industry newbie to the expert who can provide industry knowledge training. This journal provides in-depth coverage of the latest research and development in the metal processing industry, trends in emerging markets, and detailed information on metal cutting, metal forming, equipment and materials for the latest applications.

How does your industry research work complement your editorial work? 
It is not difficult to do in-depth analysis of the industry as I have been working in the industry for years. We don’t produce the traditional multi-page industry report, but prefer in-depth feature reporting on vertical industries, which is completely compatible with editorial work.

How can PRs help your industry research?
We prefer to keep an eye on topics that are universal in the industry. Therefore, it will be more valuable if the tips provided by PRs can reflect the development trend of the industry which we are focusing on.

Any topics you're working on under the COVID-19 outbreak?
With the rapid development of the epidemic, the topics I cover range from the companies producing masks and other protective supplies, the shortage of raw materials and protective equipment to “mask prices decline, but the coronavirus has spread widely”. Recently, I am keeping an eye on the export of Chinese protective equipments to the European Union. In the automotive, metal processing and other industrial manufacturing sectors, there is a disruption of supply chain due to the spread of the epidemic. We are also concerned about the return-to-work progress of major industries.

What kind of news do you like to read after work?
I like to read international financial news in my spare time, because it affects the manufacturing side of the industries that I cover. In addition, I will also pay attention to the more enjoyable entertainment news.

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