Telum Talks To... Shandel McAuliffe, Editor of HR Leader

Telum Talks To... Shandel McAuliffe, Editor of HR Leader

By Erin Assur

HR Leader is a new publication, having only debuted earlier this year. Could you tell us a bit about the vision for it?
I guess the clue is in the name, HR Leader - we very much want to be part of the industry and lead it. I’m excited about connecting people with each other and a lot of the content we’ve been doing; things like podcasts, which have been really well received because it's a way of getting that voice of the HR expert directly out to the community that they work in. We're also interested in covering people, in terms of people leadership and management, so anyone who touches on developing people and having a role in how people and work come together. 

What does a day in the life of HR Leader's Editor look like? 
Because it is a new publication, a lot of it for me is about relationship building, so it’s letting people know that we’re here and letting them know what we’re about and giving people an opportunity to get to know me as well. A big part of it is building trust with the community.

If I look at a typical day, it might be recording a podcast with a speaker, and writing articles for HR Leader as well. We're trying to think about different ways to present the information coming through. I know this is coming through a lot on the learning and development side, that people want to consume information in new ways. So, how do we get some videos out there, get as many podcasts out there as we can, different types of articles, reports, webcasts - the whole mix. I think it's really on journalists these days to be thinking that way.

What kinds of editorial projects are you looking forward to working on with the team?
We're looking at as many ways as we can to reach people, to talk to people and to connect people, and to give them information that's really helpful. Something that I learnt when I was working in events was that quite often just three key takeaways can work really well. If I apply that to everything we're putting out there, and someone that reads or listens to our content can go away and try something in their own company, I feel like that's a job well done.

How often does the team work with PRs?
Because I come from a PR background, reaching out to PR agencies I know was one of the first things I did when I started HR Leader. I'd absolutely encourage people to be sending bylines through to us. If people can send me bylines that offer that value, something a little new, a bit of a different perspective, something that people can try and implement themselves, I absolutely welcome that.

What would you like to receive from PRs?
In terms of content, we're looking at the full spectrum of HR and people leadership, so it's everything from recruitment to onboarding to performance management. Not a lot of people have been talking about reward management, so if anyone has anything they'd like to present in this area, that would be great.

Tech is always a hot topic in the HR space, so I'd welcome that as well; learning and development - it's really all of it - leadership, anything that touches on people and helps them to work better and manage and lead better.

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