Telum Talks To... Sheng Kai Huang, TV Reporter / Anchor, MNews

Sheng Kai Huang is TV Reporter / Anchor at MNews, a recently established Mandarin-speaking television news channel in Taiwan. Telum Media recently spoke to him to find out the business and financial news topics he has covered for MNews’ “Mirror Money” programme, ranging from SPAC investments and corporate decarbonisation strategies to plant-based meat and NFTs. 

Below are the key takeaways: 
  • Sheng Kai is responsible for the weekend segments of “Mirror Money”, a 25-minute feature programme. Despite its focus on business and financial news, he is determined to cover topics that are associated with people’s everyday life and discover the human interest angles to them. 
  • He is currently open to pitches from overseas public relations professionals about online games and NFT-related announcements. He is particularly on the lookout for stories on how NFT can actually support content creators’ work and production.
  • The key to a pitch that catches his eye is the contact methods of someone he can directly reach out to for details. 
  • He also wants to know more about the potential risks of NFT and to pin down its true value.
Watch the full interview, or jump ahead to these parts:

00:06 - Please tell us more about your journey as a journalist
00:48 - Can you share with us what “Mirror Money” covers and your role in it?
02:07 - How’s NFT and metaverse growing in Taiwan?
03:14 - How do you see the development of NFT?
04:23 - What topics are you interested in reporting?
05:20 - How can PR professionals help with your reporting?

Video duration: 5 minutes and 48 seconds.
Language: Mandarin

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