Telum Talks To… Sophia Luo, Senior Business Reporter, China Daily Hong Kong

Telum Talks To… Sophia Luo, Senior Business Reporter, China Daily Hong Kong

Could you share with us your journey into China Daily Hong Kong and more about your role as Senior Business Reporter?
I started as an intern with China Daily Hong Kong coming out of grad school. My routine includes tracking the latest development of markets, regulators and companies for up-to-the-minute coverage.

I also wrote a lot of topic-based feature articles with the launch of our weekly four-page feature edition GBA Focus. It takes an in-depth, thorough look at what’s going on across the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. These features include our exclusive interviews with industry heavyweights. For instance, earlier this month, we published exclusive interview stories with Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah, in a multimedia, bilingual format. GBA has been and will continue to be our coverage focus for the coming year.

Besides that, every year, we host or sponsor a dozen roundtables that will invite a constellation of business heavyweights, experts and academics to share their insights. I am also responsible for covering that.

Data Journalism is also part and parcel of my work. We publish our data journalism projects every month.

How did you get into journalism?
Back in the days when I was a communication major under the department of journalism, there were plenty of intern opportunities to get a taste of what it is like to work in different media. I could not say for sure, at the time, I had a passion for journalism. But I was quite sure I had a deep love for writing. Journalism allows me to meet people from different walks of life and extend my vision to a world beyond the narrow cavern of my routine life. Journalism bolsters my vision of writing about a wider world. So when I graduated from the ivory tower, I chose journalism at the starting point of my career.

What is the most memorable opinion piece you’ve written?
For journalists, I feel the most satisfying work is usually the result of serendipity or coincidence. Rather than the story itself, it is usually the process of putting the story together, or when someone gives you helping hand that make a story memorable. I have learned quite a lot from the profile interviews with Annie Wu Suk-ching and Anthony Francis Neoh, for example, in recent years.

How can PRs work with China Daily Hong Kong?
Since this year, I have spent most of my time writing feature articles. Finding a good topic is almost half the battle but it always comes as no easy task. I hope when PRs pitch an interview or event for their clients to me, we could communicate more closely about how the interview or event could translate into a potentially compelling topic, especially with our dual focus on both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Regular communication about the client resources PRs have at hand and the stories journalists are working on is essential.

What’s your big hairy goal for the future?
Combining my deep love for Chinese history, traditions and cultures, and my years-long working experience in the field of journalism to be a storyteller of China’s past, present and future.

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would that be?
Maybe Chinese archaeologist Fan Jinshi who now serves as the honorary president of Dunhuang Academy. But generally speaking, there is not a particular person I am desperately longing to interview. Either well-known or ordinary interviewees can be a good match for a compelling story.

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