Telum Talks To... Sudhir Vadaketh, Editor-in-Chief, Jom
Sam Jo Yeo

Launched in August 2022, Jom is a digital magazine covering arts, culture, politics, business, technology and more in Singapore. Telum Media chatted with Jom's Editor-in-Chief, Sudhir Vadaketh, to find out more about his plans for the publication.

Here is a brief look at the discussion:
  • The inspiration behind Jom: Singapore's lack of a literary long-form magazine and possible plans to expand in Southeast Asia (00:32)
  • The need for Jom now: Striving to be Singapore's The New Yorker and Singapore's hunger for diverse, alternative viewpoints (1:41)
  • Slow journalism in an era of churnalism: Jom's editorial philosophy and internal process, such as a two- to three-month lead time for commissioned pieces (3:53)
  • Current demand for Jom: About 2,400 newsletter subscribers and 400 paying subscribers; plans to market the publication from next year (7:07)
  • What they cover: Three to four pieces of content a week. Selective and deliberate coverage of topics that are not just relevant and current in the national conversation, but also issues that nobody else is talking about yet (8:00)
  • Collaboration opportunities: On the lookout for contributors such as writers and artists (photographers, videographers, illustrators). Jom also welcomes deliberate, careful PR pitches such as long-form essays, but not daily news releases (10:03)
  • What's next for Jom: Series of "postcards" from Singaporeans based overseas, Jom's first podcast, an essay on Malaysia's general election, and possible events such as panel discussions (12:01)

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