Telum Talks To... Vivin Pindesi Yanti, Founder, The Arts Pub.

Telum Talks To... Vivin Pindesi Yanti, Founder, The Arts Pub.

We caught up with Vivin Pindesi Yanti from The Arts Pub. as she shared about her agency and her experience in dealing with PR for the art industry.

Can you tell us more about your role and the upcoming plans at The Arts Pub.?
As a PR consultancy, giving a consultation of how a PR strategy is established and executed is definitely the main role. Although most of those who come to my agency want to be spotlighted or attract attention through media and newspapers, my role is more as a publicist. As publicists, we are creating the strategy of how the artist or a public figure will become news, by creating an attractive angle story.

Going forward, the agency will continuously adapt to the COVID-19 situation, with ways to overcome the crisis and to adapt to the digital world as well, for example by creating PR strategies for artists or public figures on entering the NFT world.

As your agency is dealing with artists and public figures, could you share some tips on how to survive when a crisis hit, especially during this pandemic?
In this pandemic era, there are many people feeling loss, whether it is losing their family, their job, or even a business opportunity. The business sector also has to adapt to the new normal conditions. This situation definitely makes many of us feel shocked and streaked, nonetheless communication has to keep going on. A well and structured plan is necessary to communicate such a crisis situation to the relevant parties, particularly to the stakeholders and public.

How do you communicate art to people? How to grow an appetite for art especially in Indonesia or Southeast Asia countries?
Art is a creative world that actually lives in every person’s soul. To communicate about art, we must use a language that is understandable by most people. Frequently introducing the art and speaking well of it will make people get used to it sooner or later and subsequently, they could adapt to it and eventually love the art. These things definitely need process, time and a good PR strategy.

Currently, a lot of world-class artists with many forms of art culture could be enjoyed in the public room, for example like KAWS, an international artist who has one of his works, a giant installation, exhibited at the open space at Marina Bay, Singapore. Everyone who sees it will ask and find out about the artist. This does not happen accidentally; the artist surely has a well-planned PR strategy and communication. This is one of the good ways to get good news reporting and spotlight for the artist.

How do you define a successful campaign?
A successful campaign has a clear objective, for example, to raise awareness towards a product, or to improve a brand’s reputation. But for me, as a creative person, a successful campaign should be one that captures the heart as well.

Could you tell us your most memorable PR story?
My most memorable story was when I was involved in the commemoration of the 100 years of the Indonesian artist maestro of fine arts, Hendra Gunawan. Many media were involved, and the PR campaign lasted for a whole year before the peak event. It was definitely a challenge of how to keep attracting many people’s attention and media until the campaign ended. Establishing a PR campaign for a maestro is something interesting, though the big challenge definitely is when organising the campaign for emerging artists as we have to dig deeper to create an extraordinary story worth telling.

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