Telum Talks To... Wang Congyi, Editorial / Content Director of INTERNI China

Telum Talks To... Wang Congyi, Editorial / Content Director of INTERNI China

Please tell us more about INTERNI China, its readership and the editorial team.
INTERNI was established in 1954 which is over 60 years. It has grown into a premier magazine covering architecture, interior design and related products, as well as playing a leading role in the coordination of Milan Design Week. As the pioneer and witness of the global design industry, INTERNI acts as the wind vane of global design trends and the voice of the contemporary high-end lifestyle.

In 2014, Mondadori, the largest Italian media group and the publisher of INTERNI, reached a copyright cooperation agreement with China International Publishing Group (CIPG). Subsequently, INTERNI China was officially launched in Beijing in January 2015. 

What are the differences between INTERNI China and its Italian counterpart in terms of content and other editorial matters?
INTERNI China collaborates cohesively with the group and contributes new ideas and thoughts accumulated locally over the years. INTERNI China aims to build an international design communication and display platform for local and international designers and design institutions to introduce the world’s top design resources into China, and bring “Chinese design” to the world.

The content of "INTERNI China" is divided into five main categories. We publish our content with a view to maintaining an international perspective and truly reflecting its indigenous elements. We make our own observations in areas such as architecture and interior and furniture design, as well as discover and promote individuals and their work that can represent contemporary Chinese design culture.

You have spent most of your media career in lifestyle and design media. What changes have you observed in the industry? 
There have been more independent designers and studios over the years and they co-exist with traditional designers and incumbent brands. They are coming from diverse professions and age groups. This is leading to constructive competition. We live in an era where everyone is able to find their own supplier to suit their needs. As the population is more segmented, there is a need for customized home furnishing and related services. For home designers and integrated brands, this is a good thing.

You were an art curator before becoming an Editorial Director. If you have to describe art and media in your own words. What is the difference between those two?
Both art and article on media are expressing the same thing that is contemporary concepts and values. Presenting art as an art curator is in a way more direct and engaging, allowing more interactions with the viewers.

The presentation through articles requires both readers and writers to “meet each other” in terms of time and literariness, which has certain requirements for the reader. It is because the article cannot "clock-in" but can only generate thinking through reading and understanding.

What are the news focus and development strategies of INTERNI China in the coming year?
We will continue to pay attention to the trend of Chinese design and provide the most cutting-edge information to the world. Please stay tuned.

Where do you find synergies in working with PRs or external companies? Please shed some light on how to best engage with INTERNI China.
We would like to connect with all kinds of relevant institutions, from architectural firms, design studios and independent designers to home furniture and appliances brands, hotels or real estate groups. We hope to communicate and cooperate with them in content projects, products and design concepts.

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