Telum Talks To... Yu Jing, Chief Editor, Tong Xie Yi

Telum Talks To... Yu Jing, Chief Editor, Tong Xie Yi

Tong Xie Yi is a platform focusing on the development of new drugs. Telum Media recently spoke to its Chief Editor, Yu Jing, to find out its editorial priorities and his insights into China's biomedicine industry.

The interview was conducted in Chinese. Below are the key takeaways:
  • Tong Xie Yi focuses on the development and production of new drugs, with our readers coming from local governments, new medicine manufacturers, pharmaceutical enterprises, investment institutions as well as professionals in the biomedicine industry.
  • Apart from news and feature stories in the new medicine industry, Tong Xie Yi also provides industry analysis and in-depth interviews with influential figures.
  • Website traffic is king, but he also wants to provide his readers with perspectives apart from a catchy headline. When he writes something, he wants to do it the way that he would want to read it himself.
  • Yu expects the industry to consolidate as China's pharmaceutical industry is facing various challenges, from the need to upgrade itself to enhancing scientific research and clinical studies.
  • Besides publishing articles on its WeChat public account, Tong Xie Yi's articles are also published on other platforms, such as and Zhihu.
  • Yu prefers to receive story pitches from medical PRs who come with pitches supported by data and case studies.

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