Telum Talks To... Zhou Xiangyu, Editor-in-Chief of Property channel,

Telum Talks To... Zhou Xiangyu, Editor-in-Chief of Property channel,’s Property channel is one of the top property news portals in Mainland China.  Telum recently caught up with its Editor-in-Chief, Zhou Xiangyu, to talk about its editorial coverage and plans.  

Below are the key takeaways from the interview (The full interview is available in Chinese):

1.’s Property channel and its subsidiary brand, Wind Finance News, target property investors, industry workers, and ordinary residents.
  • The Property channel primarily produces business-to-consumer (B-to-C) content, providing consumers with market insights and policy analysis from the users' perspective. It also provides information about the latest real estate projects.
  • Wind Finance News focuses on business-to-business (B-to-B) content, providing corporate executives and investors with in-depth industry analysis and financial data and information. It also analyses netizen’s sentiment towards major real estate companies based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.
2. As Editor-in-Chief of the Property channel, Xiangyu describes his role as a planner, editor, and organiser, with a mission to create far-reaching real estate-focused content. He leads the team in covering major industry news and producing tailor-made content for readers who want to keep tabs on the Chinese property sector. He is also tasked with ensuring that the content is in line with the portal’s editorial style.

3. In May, Wind Finance News also launched a new section focusing on assessing and rating different property developers based on their ESG performance. The new project has been made possible in collaboration with several leading ESG data analysis companies in China.

4. Some recent coverage by the Property channel includes:
  • A series of feature stories focusing on the loosened restrictions in the housing market, and its impact on sales (published at the beginning of the year);
  • Articles measuring the market sentiment during the 1st May Golden Week;
  • Monitoring the ongoing debt situations of major property developers, including the Evergrande Group
5. Apart from the Chinese market, it also covers the booming overseas property markets, including that in Singapore to Turkey.

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