Telum Toolkit: Travel and Tourism (Southeast Asia)

Telum Toolkit: Travel and Tourism (Southeast Asia)

As international travel reopens and restrictions ease, our teams have gathered the best intel from the travel and tourism media sector across Southeast Asia to help you get the most out of a Telum subscription. From a panel of journalists discussing the future of travel and their ideal PR pitch, to handy, time-saving features in the Telum platform, this toolkit gives you everything you need to know about the travel and tourism media sector across SEA.

Southeast Asia Webinar - Easing Travel Restrictions

What does the easing of border restrictions mean for the media and communications sectors across Southeast Asia? To find out what's next for travel and tourism in the region, Telum sat down with Hotels-Asia Founder, Raini Hamdi, Managing Editor, Angeline Rodriguez, and Catalyst Communications CEO, Gaynor Reid.

Watch the full webinar to learn what you need to know to secure coverage in SEA travel media publications. 

Singapore - Return of the Travel Bug

Surviving the pandemic has inspired "no regrets travel", with many people digging up their bucket lists and locking in holidays to make up for lost time. We spoke with The Straits Times' Travel Editor, Lee Siew Hua, about this growing trend, her travel aspirations and what to expect from the ST's latest travel series, First Flight Out.

Watch the full interview here

Singapore - What's Trending in Travel?

As travel opens back up, communications professionals need to be mindful of changing trends amongst consumers. Monica Pitrelli, Editor of CNBC Travel, has shared her content plans for the year ahead, travel trends to keep an eye on, and her top tips for nailing a content pitch.

Watch the full interview here.


Malaysia - Making Travel Safer for Women

Exploring new destinations for work or pleasure should be safe and engaging for everyone. Zafigo is a dedicated publication aiming to empower women to travel across Asia and the Middle East. Telum spoke with its Founder, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, about her platform and how she likes to work with PRs to assist female travellers in the region. 

Watch the full interview here
Malaysia - What Makes a Travel Publication Tick?
How does The Star, one of Malaysia's largest English newspapers, plan its travel content and what tourism trends should communication professionals be aware of in the region? Telum spoke with Journalist, Chester Chin, about his love of travel and what he looks for in a PR pitch.

Read the full interview here

Indonesia - How to Make It as a Travel Journalist

Travel journalism may seem like a dream job to most, but what do you need to make it in this sector? Telum spoke to a range of prominent travel journalists across Indonesia to get their top five tips to survive and thrive in the world of travel journalism.   

Indonesia - Travel Trends for 2022

Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Now that borders are opening again, what travel destinations and trends is Yudasmoro Minasiani, Editor-in-Chief at keeping his eye on?   

Philippines - An Industry in Recovery

How is the travel and tourism sector bouncing back in the Philippines? Telum sat down with Cristina Morales, Editor of and, to learn about the country's $41 billion industry.

Watch the full interview here.

Philippines - What Makes a Travel Blog Stand Out?

What type of travel are Filipinos open to in 2022, and how do you make a successful travel blog? Award-winning Travel Writer / Blogger, Ferdz Decena, who consistently documents his travel adventures on his website, Ironwulf En Route, shares his experience writing about travel for two decades.

Watch the full interview here.

Thailand - The Business of Travel 

Ever wondered what trade media journalists want in their story pitches? Telum spoke with Xinyi Liang‐Pholsena, Senior Editor at Travel Weekly Asia and Meetings & Conventions Asia about her work and how she likes to engage with PRs.  

Travel and Tourism Media Requests

Telum is in constant communication with travel journalists in need of case studies and experts to comment on stories, or products to review in their publications. Our teams are publishing live requests each day from journalists across Southeast Asia who are looking for help with their content from communications professionals.

Click here to view the full list of media call-outs on Telum's Media Request page.

Up-to-date Travel Staff Lists at the Click of a Button

Telum's Country Team networks with travel journalists across Southeast Asia to update the region's largest publications with the latest moves and news. From promotions and new hires, to website revamps and new launches, we have our finger on the pulse of the travel media industry.

You can find out the latest media industry news in our Media Alerts, published weekly for SEA subscribers. Sign up for a free trial of our alerts here

Travel Sector Searches 

As part of your Telum subscription, you can access pre-built lists to help target journalists producing travel and tourism content, and much more. Get in touch with us to request a demo here.


Client Support

Can't find what you need in Telum? Let us do the heavy lifting. From helping you build a media list that gets your content in front of the right people or refining your database searches, our dedicated client support teams are on hand to help with all your questions.


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