Telum Vox Pop: Vaccinated Travel Lanes for Journalism

With the opening of Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), Telum Media spoke to some travel journalists in Singapore. We asked them what their hopes are regarding international travel, and how the lack of travelling the last two years has affected their work as a journalist. We also asked for some ways that helped them cope with the lack of travelling, and the benefits and challenges they foresee in the upcoming year. 

Gursheel Dhillon, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief (MTE) of Vanilla Luxury, Floyd Cowan, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of Asian Journeys, Amy Lee Siew Hua, Travel Editor of The Straits Times, Sarah Emery, Founder / Writer of SarahwithaSmile and Freelance Writer, Rebecca Wong, shared their views with us.

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