Telum Vox Pop: What key opportunities or challenges are on your radar for 2023 and how is your team preparing for them?

Telum Vox Pop: What key opportunities or challenges are on your radar for 2023 and how is your team preparing for them?

2023 Agency Vox Pop
Two weeks into 2023 and we are seeing dynamic changes under way in the Greater China region. Ease of border restrictions, doing away with the last of the PCR arrival tests... with so much going on and to look forward to, Telum starts off the new year with key insights from agency professionals in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan to see what's on their radar for 2023.

Joyce Lee, Account Director, APAC and APAC Lead, Montieth SPRG
Clients have been increasingly looking for flexible and agile communication solutions in lean times with a tighter budget across multiple media markets, which is likely to remain in 2023. This can be achieved with a truly cross-border programme where one single client lead ensures the efficient use of a piece of content in different comms channels across local markets. Our global team has developed a highly integrated, flexible and budget-efficient global model, enabling us to work in multiple media markets across the world.

For media engagements, face-to-face interviews and in-person events will undoubtedly make a comeback, but the media landscape will be very different from pre-COVID in 2023. Some journalists will continue to work remotely overseas, reporting news outside of their office, hence hybrid media events are here to stay. It is essential for PR professionals to understand the journalists and their preferences when crafting PR pitches - do not invite a journalist who is not based in a particular country to attend an event in-person. Mass pitching strategies will no longer work.

Trudy Wang, Managing Director, TrailRunner International
I think there will be mixed opportunities and challenges for 2023 for international PR agencies operating in Greater China, especially as we are at the crossroad of ending the zero-COVID policy and embracing a new normal life. No one can ignore the fact that the pandemic reshaped how Mainland China interacts with the world. The pandemic also redefined expectations of a good corporate citizen, where pro-labour and pro-people sentiments are stronger than ever before. I started to realise what an amazing new generation of Chinese populace we have, one that desires equal, open and transparent communications and guards their freedom of expression. In today’s “all men are reporters” era, we should never overlook our empowered audiences. 

With these, I think there are great opportunities and challenges at the same time for 2023 from the PR standpoint. I am confident with our local team embedded in the market, we are well-positioned to help our MNC clients earn more media opportunities and tell their positive China experience in 2023.

Vivian Liu, Managing Director, DeVries Global Taipei
2023 rings in a new year of opportunity in both sector and medium elements of the comms landscape.

Firstly, with Taiwan’s travel scene reopening, overseas passengers increased 200 percent YOY. Emerging from the pandemic’s quagmire will likely see an even greater desire for newness and adventure travel - essentially, escaping daily routine. Expect tailor-made leisure experiences and experiential programmes highlighting in-person involvement - albeit with conscious considerations of health and hygiene remaining.

And while there is understandable excitement about international developments, the strength of domestic travel and hospitality is unlikely to vastly weaken. Key market players will continue to dedicate efforts to more sophisticated local offerings, to keep the valuable business it evolved to acquire.
Secondly, influencer marketing will increasingly fragment. Content creation with data analysis guidance is critical for social media programmes, alongside highly bespoke content development serving specific consumer behaviours. While such fragmentation allows for precise targeting, it shouldn’t distract from the overall brand strategy at play - instead, pull together to create a highly comprehensive conversation.

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