Telum Vox Pop: What qualities hiring managers look for in communications professional?

Telum Vox Pop: What qualities hiring managers look for in communications professional?
Melody Lo

The recruitment space has changed drastically even in the communications industry. Coupled with growing number of graduates from relevant education background, hiring managers today do not have an easy job in finding the right candidate. To explore what goes into considerations in hiring, Telum caught up with a selection of prominent communications practitioners across Southeast Asia.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee, Director, Asia, Prospect
Hiring managers want people who can do a job and fit into the culture. You need to be able to demonstrate the skills needed and share clearly your relevant experience.

The next consideration is attitude, motivations and character. Are you able to articulate why you want the job, and how it aligns with your career goals? Do you have the resilience to get through bad days?

A job in communications means you get access to leaders and confidential information, so professionalism, discretion and trustworthiness are key. If you can also show curiosity and business acumen, chances are you will land that job!

Tricia Liverpool

Tricia Liverpool, General Manager, Cornerstone Global Partners
The candidate market (in Singapore) has become increasingly tight following the pandemic. This means foreign talent must either be based in Singapore, or meet specific salary levels to qualify. While this shift might be advantageous for local talent, it has also led to a decline in standards from communications recruiters, while candidates’ expectations have increased.

Hiring managers today are looking for stability and increasingly an integrated background when it comes to identifying talent. Candidates are advised to increase their service offering by acquiring additional specialisations such as exposure to crisis comms as well as environmental, social and governance communications practices, which are in high demand in both B2B and B2C markets.

Chia Chung Yen

Chia Chung Yen, Head of Marketing, Hays Malaysia
Personally, I seek out individuals who are passionate about the work, humble and open-minded. They should be able to handle feedback well and be resourceful in finding solutions.

They should also uphold honesty and integrity in their communication practices, within the team or the organisation as a whole. Moreover, they should be adaptable to the changing trends and technologies in the communications field.

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