Telum Vox Pop: What's the biggest thing you've changed about how you approach comms since the pandemic?

Telum Vox Pop: What's the biggest thing you've changed about how you approach comms since the pandemic?
Melody Lo

The global pandemic caused major upheavals in the property market, not just for tenants, homeowners and agents, but for the public relations practitioners who represent clients in the sector.

To understand how the pandemic has changed the practice of communications, Telum asked a selection of prominent PR practitioners across Southeast Asia: What's the biggest thing you've changed about how you approach comms since the pandemic?

Michelle Doyle-Jones

Michelle Doyle-Jones, Director, Asian Markets, Marketing & Communications, Colliers 

Our communications approach has been transformed by the pandemic, which compelled us to reconsider the connections we have with our team, our clients, and the industry more broadly.

We have embraced adaptability and flexibility by emphasising clear and frequent communication. We have integrated a mix of communication forms, such as digital, short-form, video, and social content, while also encouraging in-person interactions and events as we return to the office, always mindful of social distancing. Throughout, our utmost priority is the wellbeing of our people, as well as understanding and meeting our clients' needs amidst challenging market conditions.

Ngamjai Jearrajarat

Ngamjai Jearrajarat, Head of Marketing & Communications, CBRE Thailand
The pandemic has changed the way we communicate both internally and externally. With face-to-face interactions decreasing, digital communications have become increasingly important. Video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and social media have all played a larger role in our day-to-day communications.

With social distancing, it can be challenging to engage people effectively, so it is critical to pay close attention to the tone and timing of digital communications to ensure they are impactful for our target audience.

Accessibility to these digital communication channels is crucial for businesses to respond promptly to emerging opportunities and clients' needs and maintain our position as a top-of-mind brand amongst clients during these unprecedented times.

Li Ching Seah

Li Ching Seah, Head of Marketing Communications, Edmund Tie & Company
We have focused more on aligning our internal and external communications since the pandemic. While the audiences under these two pillars are different, and the tone of our deliverables will differ, it is becoming apparent that the core narratives we are telling employees must align with what we are sharing with clients and external stakeholders. Any deviation from this can cause market confusion which then undermines our brand.

On a tactical level, it is important to find the balance between visual and text communications. Particularly with visuals such as animation, infographics, charts or videos, anything that captures attention more easily will help to deliver our key messages. Additionally, data metrics are easily available now so our teams constantly leverage that information to tweak our communications strategies according to what works and what doesn't.

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