Telum vox pops: Malaysia in the eyes of media practitioners

By Nuraaina Asri, Elyse Chong, and Sherlyn Kang

Malaysia is celebrating its 57th Anniversary of the establishment of the Malaysian federation this year on 16tSeptember, and Telum Media speaks to Malaysian journalists on their perspectives as a citizen from the viewpoint of being a media practitioner, the significance of media in fostering unity, and their hopes for a better Malaysia. Keanu Azman (HITZ), Ricardo Unto (Daily Express), Yeu-Gynn Yeung (Coconuts KL), Mohd Fiezreen Ahmad (Nu Ideaktiv), Anne Grace Savitha (Malay Mail), Lee Yee Ling (8TV) and Irfan Faruqi (BERNAMA TV), and shared their insights with us in the spirit of the upcoming Malaysia Day. 

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