Telum vox pops: What is the most important skill you learnt in 2021?

Telum vox pops: What is the most important skill you learnt in 2021?

As we look back on 2021, Telum spoke to PR professionals from across East Asia to hear their year-end thoughts and find out some of the key learnings from this year. 

Gino Cheng, Manager, Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, Golin 
I believe the most important skills I have gained in 2021 are how to help brands to transform from traditional / basic communication landscape to adaptive strategy and to advise brands to take insightful approaches to proceed in increasing brand awareness and enhancing advocacy. I hope to further improve my own corporate communication skills, as I have always been focused more on B2C and consumer branding communication.

Imogene Wong, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Morningstar
I find it important to equip myself with ESG knowledge and I wish to further build my expertise. Amid the rapid ESG policy developments and increasing interests from media in Asia, I learn something new every day, e.g. why abortion can be one of the screening filters, the craze for renewable energy funds in Mainland China, ESG debate in the US, green bonds versus sustainability-linked bonds. It is exciting from a PR perspective and it also provides food for thought to me as an investor and a global citizen.

Melody Liu, PR Specialist (APAC Markets), WOW Tech
Since advancing my career at global sexual wellness brand WOW Tech, this year’s most valuable lesson learnt is making long-lasting connections with journalists through weekly lunches, to get to know them personally while updating them on the pitches that I’m working on. Overseeing 3 Asian cities is hard at times due to the pandemic’s travel restrictions, but understanding the differences of each unique market, what the publications already cover and to what scope they can write about was the key to success this year. One thing that I want to remind PR professionals is: be personable, there are hundreds of people reaching journalists every day, so make sure you leave your mark.

Tweety Chan, Account Manager, TEAM LEWIS
2021 has been another year full of challenges, uncertainties as well as new beginnings for me. Adaptability and creativity are the key drivers that keep pushing me forward in such an evolving environment. This year, I have adapted to the new way of hybrid working and communication with my clients and colleagues. With limited physical interactions with media and industry partners, creativity has become an essential element for me to help businesses continue to tell compelling stories with an innovative approach. Looking ahead in 2022, I hope to grow and enhance my digital skills to help businesses capitalise on digitalisation and the uprising demand for digital marketing.

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