Telum Webinar Recap: Bao Jianguang on business trends The Latest IPO is looking out for

During our latest exclusive Mandarin-speaking webinar, veteran financial journalist Bao Jianguang, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Latest IPO, shared the topics his financial news portal is watching out for and top tips for PRs. 

Key takeaways: 
  • The Latest IPO was established as a social media-focused platform targeting finance and business professionals, investors and C-suite executives.
  • The audience is well-informed and is looking for ideas and opinions to challenge their existing views.
  • The media outlet has four subsidiary content brands that cater to different audiences. For example, Xiangshang Video (“向上”视频) creates short documentaries showcasing entrepreneur and investor stories. 
  • The Latest IPO recently launched a Top 100 Investment Institution list and is currently putting together a ranking that focuses on high-growth companies. 
Current and upcoming topics to look out for:
  • The Latest IPO always pays attention to companies’ different stages of growth and aims to be ahead of the market by prioritising forward-looking content. 
  • Regardless of size, the media picks up on high-growth companies. 
  • Other topics include Mainland Chinese companies expanding into international markets, and industry sectors such as corporate and enterprise services and scientist-led health tech, AI and autonomous driving vehicle startups. 
Top Tips for PRs:
  • Engage with your C-suite executives early to understand the performance indicators and KPIs for the company’s overall publicity strategies.
  • Be aware of public perceptions towards brands and their evolving nature, given the sheer size of the market.
  • The Latest IPO is open to PR pitches but be ready to contextualise the growth potential of any particular business.

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