Telum Webinar Recap: Media Relations in 2022 - What Journalists Have To Say

Telum Media spoke with Sukhbir Cheema, Lead Content Specialist at Mashable Southeast Asia and Ee Ann Nee, Business Editor at theSun on a pre-recorded fireside chat, titled 'Media relations in 2022: What journalists have to say'. In this discussion, Telum Media along with Sukhbir and Ann Nee talked about how media relations are in 2022, the hots, tips and advice for communications practitioners especially during the pandemic.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:
  • Both Sukhbir and Ann Nee welcome collaborations with communication professionals. Ann Nee highlighted the importance of sending press releases strictly through email.
  • They advised PRs to not contact them on WhatsApp or call them directly unless there is an urgency such as a typing error.
  • Ann Nee emphasised on sending images for every single press release. Proper introduction of the sender is needed when sending WhatsApp (not necessary for press release via email).
  • Sukhbir also mentioned that PRs should interact with journalists on social media as it helps to build a stronger relationship. 
  • Both of them would appreciate PR can come out with a good news angle in an email pitch.
  • Relevancy and understanding of the media are crucial when it comes to content pitching.
  • There should be a mutual respect when it comes to what journalists publish, and PR practitioners should spend more effort on crafting a press release with a good news angle instead of sending follow-up messages.
  • Advertorial is one key area that the PRs should look into as it helps in creating a win-win situation.
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