Telum Webinar Recap: RTHK Radio 3's Marcy Trent Long shares top tips for pitching ESG stories

Watch the full recap of the webinar here. Some bitesize takeaways are also included below:
  • Trash Talk” tells stories about innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in Hong Kong that are not already out there.
  • Sustainable Asia podcasts (GreenbitesSustainable Asia in English, Sustainable Asia Mandarin) are a series of investigative journalism looking at environmental issues in Asia.
  • Marcy gets news and ideas from LinkedIn and connections, emails, press releases, the government and NGOs.
Key topics in 2022 to look out for:
  • Transparent data, carbon footprint, plastic footprint, waste reduction versus circular economy, biodiversity impacts and air pollution.
Top tips for pitching:
  • Highlight awards and certifications for sustainability as it validates the significance of the ESG initiative.
  • Add as much research and data as possible to the ESG promotion to make the story viable.
  • Rather than sending a press release, hosting webinars to get executives to talk about ESG initiatives in their companies can attract attention.
  • Companies that cooperate with NGOs are interesting as the collaboration validates their sustainability claims.
  • Emphasise the ESG element and exclude irrelevant parts in headlines.
  • Do not focus merely on a company’s line of work in a press release. Talk about the fact that the work is pro bono and the data of positive environmental impacts instead.
  • Do not send pitches irrelevant to the podcast and programme's geographical focus. 
  • Email Marcy or get in touch via LinkedIn to pitch environmental journalism and ESG stories.
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