Telum Webinar Recap: SCMP's Editors Eugene Tang and John Artman

During our latest exclusive webinar with South China Morning Post we heard from Business Editor, Eugene Tang and Technology Editor, John Artman as they talked through SCMP's latest China Internet Report on what will dominate the space in the coming year. They also unveiled SCMP’s mission of translating Mainland China stories to the rest of the world and revealed how PR professionals can work with their teams most effectively.

Key takeaways:
  • One of the SCMP’s missions is to lead the conversation around Mainland China and unpack its technology influence on a global level.
  • The China Internet Report covers how Mainland China is catching up on regulatory systems after the exponential growth of tech companies’ together with the increase in Internet users.
  • The team noted a dramatic increase globally in awareness around the market power of big tech companies and its impact on the financial markets and consumers.
  • The big tech companies in Mainland China are seeing a slowdown in their exponential growth and with that are now looking for new ways to capture market share.
Top Tips for pitching:
  • Eugene and John work together closely as many stories feature different business and tech angles, and often both.
  • SCMP's tech Journalists cover the bigger picture on how tech is moving the market, forming companies’ strategies, affecting users and interfacing with regulatory bodies.
  • Before pitching to the SCMP, PR professionals need to figure out if it’s the best channel to communicate the company message and if the intended readers are aligned with their brand goals.
  • The SCMP is often interested in Mainland China and its relationship with the US - indeed 40 percent of the typical SCMP readership is US-based.
  • Hot topics are online education and gaming in Mainland China, and Eugene will be covering the upcoming FinTech week actively.
  • The team appreciates relationship building and keeping the conversation ongoing instead of cold calling.

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