Telum Webinar Recap: The Future of Asia FinTech

With the Hong Kong FinTech week and Singapore FinTech Festival around the corner Telum talked to panellists Jame DiBiasio, Editor, DigFin; Sam Coyne, Chief Marketing Officer, Currenxie; Aaron Woolner, Editor, and; and Hanna Tantoco, Head of Marketing Communications - Asia Pacific, Gemini about how FinTech is evolving in Asia and the challenges and opportunities reporting and communicating around FinTech.

Read the webinar highlights here:

  • Combining digital payment systems and e-commerce platforms shows how vital FinTech is to online payment systems and growth equity.
  • Mainland China has been ahead in scaling up mobile digital payments and integrating them into people’s daily life. 
  • The juxtaposition of instant messaging and digital finance in apps like Kakao and Line shows Asia operates differently from markets in Europe and North America.
  • Customer experience is more important to FinTech companies as they don’t have the luxury of face-to-face interactions like traditional finance companies.
Opportunities and Challenges
  • FinTech will only get bigger as we go greener - climate change, digital transformation will be the bedrock for enabling energy transformation and lowering carbon emissions.
  • To communicate with audiences FinTech’s need empathy and they need to drop jargon in favour of clear language and concepts that get cut-through.
  • Companies can democratise access to their financial products or services by providing information in a transparent and accessible way.
  • With virtual and hybrid events like Hong Kong Fintech Week and Singapore Fintech Festival PR professionals and marketers need to find new ways to add value and connect with media and prospects.
  • With players of different sizes, we can expect vertical integrations, consolidations and M&A which means lower costs for customers and reduced competition and choice in products for consumers.
Missed the webinar? Click here to watch the recap online. 

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