The Business Times adopts new organisation structure

The Business Times adopts new organisation structure

The Business Times (BT) has adopted a new organisation structure in order to better serve its audience’s evolving needs, better reflect roles and key functions in an evolved media business, and better manage talent and work processes as BT expands.

The new structure comprises three functional areas of equal importance, namely Content, Audience and Product.
  • Content: BT’s award-winning business journalism across formats and channels. Apart from writing, this includes video, podcasts, newsletters, and infographics. This function will be led by Executive Editor Chen Huifen.
  • Audience: Building awareness and engagement for BT’s journalism, and rewarding and retaining subscribers. This function will be led by Associate Editor (Audience) Chan Cheow Pong, formerly Associate Editor, Audience Strategy & Membership.
  • Product: Creating a top of the line user experience for BT's mobile app, website, and other platforms. This function will be led by Associate Editor (Product) Christopher Lim, formerly Digital Editor.
​​​The changes show audience strategy and product development as equally important but also co-dependent arms with the core work of producing quality journalism. The new structure also reflects a contemporary structure similar to other successful subscriber-focused media businesses BT is working toward.

With Christopher’s new title, BT has also removed the term “digital” from all leadership roles, reflecting the current reality where digital is the default across the newsroom, rather than a specialised, siloed function.

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