The Nation marks its 54th anniversary with a revitalised vision of "The Nation: RECONNECT"
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The Nation marks its 54th anniversary with a revitalised vision of "The Nation: RECONNECT"

The Nation marks its 54th anniversary with a revitalised vision under the concept of "The Nation: RECONNECT", unveiling a new website and comprehensive online content tailored for global citizens across all platforms. With a redesigned logo and refreshed image, The Nation shifts from a traditional media institution to a digital powerhouse accessible on all online channels. Patpon Artie Sabpaithune, as Editor-in-Chief, introduces new strategies for news production and online content, "Nation Reinvented", that reaches audiences on every online platform, including articles, short videos, online shows, and creative content designed to stimulate thought and provoke challenging questions from diverse perspectives.

Discover new programmes like Open Agenda, a show that uncovers the front and backstages of missions by new-generation leaders in business, politics, entertainment, and culture with daring questions that demand bold answers, hosted by Patpon Artie Sabpaithune, as well as Time to Talk, an interview programme discussing the critical roles of thought leaders, shares insights from influential figures linking Thailand to the world, hosted by Pipoauh Tha Poomkaewkra.

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