‘The Other Side’ - Perspectives from journalists who moved into PR

The trend of journalists moving in the realm of public relations and communications is not a new one. Equipped with research skills, accuracy and the ability to listen with empathy, many journalists have successfully switched careers to PR.

Telum Media's latest webinar was held on 9th September 2020, featuring a discussion about the experiences and challenges faced by journalists who moved into PR. The webinar held with panellists Hazlina Halim, Media Coordinator, Public Affairs of US Embassy Singapore; Sharon Cheah Ui-Hoon, Associate Director at Kreab Singapore and WATATAWA's Associate Director, Zubaidah Nazeer.

Drawing inspiration from their personal experiences, the three panellists shared their motivation in joining the PR industry, lessons that they learnt along their journey and even tips for those intending to switch career paths. They also talked about lifestyle changes, transferrable skills and forging tight-knit bonds with both the media and clients.

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