THE STANDARD 6th Anniversary

THE STANDARD 6th Anniversary

THE STANDARD opened its door to welcome guests for its 6th Anniversary celebration on 13th June 2023. Telum has an opportunity to meet with the team on this special occasion. Congratulations here again on the 6th anniversary. 

Telum Media and THE STANDARD - Nakarin Wanakijpaibul, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, and Ekapol Bunlue, News Editor
*Photo credit: Thanis Sudto - Photo Editor, THE STANDARD
Telum and Ekapol Bunlue - News Editor, THE STANDARD
Telum and Tanakorn Wongpanya - Thai News Editor, THE STANDARD
Telum and Patsaya Chaorussameekul - LIFE Editor, THE STANDARD LIFE

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