Telum Talks To... Vivienne Tang, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Destination Deluxe

Telum Talks To... Vivienne Tang, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Destination Deluxe

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Vivienne Tang shares about Destination Deluxe, and how her career makes good fit with her interests, as well as the collaboration with PRs.

Tell us a little bit about how you ended up founding your own travel and wellness publication.
Before Destination Deluxe, I had a career in fashion publishing. I slowly transitioned into the wellness and travel media space when I launched my first holistic wellness online magazine, The Source Asia, back in 2009. It focused predominantly on wellness and sustainability in Hong Kong.

I eventually revamped it and relaunched it as Destination Deluxe, which now strongly focuses on wellness and travel content on a global level.

How have your passions helped drive the growth of your business?
Loving what I do, and being able to stand behind my business 100% because it really aligns with my lifestyle and my values, is a huge driving factor in my work and plays a huge role in the growth of Destination Deluxe. Being able to bring my passion into everything I do is extremely fulfilling. 

I spent so many years in fashion publishing, supporting an industry with values that were so far removed from mine. It’s extremely liberating to be able to choose my clients and projects based on shared principles and beliefs, as well as my key mission to provide knowledge and wisdom and help people on their wellness journey.

You founded Destination Deluxe in 2016 – share more about the company?
Destination Deluxe strongly focuses on wellness and travel in addition to spa, beauty, holistic practices and sustainable living, a bit like a go-to wellbeing bible for the global nomad.

We hand-pick the finest luxury resorts and hotels, the most sought-after destinations, retreats and spas from around the world. We also feature a selection of beauty brands, health and fitness tips, allowing people to become the best version of themselves.

With unrivaled experience in retreats and resorts across the globe, we review and propose destinations and therapies based on first-hand experience, consistently adding new gems to our vast collection of lifestyle recommendations. We seek out the smartest ways to help people rejuvenate, reconnect with themselves, relax and improve their wellbeing.

How can PRs best work with you?
We’re interested in anything that’s new in the wellness and travel field. It helps if PRs are familiar with our categories and interview sections. We also welcome PRs who come up with story ideas or angles that we haven’t thought of before. They know their product better, so sometimes it’s best if they suggest some article ideas to include their brands.

What is on the cards for Destination Deluxe in the coming year?
We’re just about to launch the retreat booking function on Destination Deluxe. We’ve curated a set of unique retreats together with Healing Holidays, one of the best retreat booking companies in the world. I’m extremely excited about this collaboration, which should go live any day now.

We are also working on the Destination Deluxe Awards 2020. We launched the awards last year to celebrate the best hotels, spas, retreats and skincare brands in the industry and have received amazing feedback. So we’re very excited to start accepting nominations in March for this year’s awards.

As a publishing company, Destination Deluxe has also started to take on more custom media projects last year. This is a division we’ll definitely continue to grow in 2020.  

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