What do journalists have in the pipeline for CNY?

What do journalists have in the pipeline for CNY?

As the Year of the Rat is drawing to a close, we at Telum Media have spoken to journalists covering different sectors in mainland China on the stories they are working on.

Society and Economics
The Spring Festival travel season, or Chunyun in Chinese, began on 28th January. Before the period ends on 8th March, millions of people will have made their trip home for family reunions before getting back to work in the cities. With the re-emergence of COVID-19 cases in certain cities, the authorities have encouraged citizens to avoid unnecessary travels. However, many are still keeping the festive spirit alive by celebrating in their own ways.

Evelyn Cheng, Beijing Correspondent at CNBC, is focusing on the consumption and transportation sectors during the Chinese New Year, given the government restrictions on long-haul travels.

Amanda Shen, Director at jiemian.com's transportation channel, wants to hear about unconventional ways of celebrating Chinese New Year for her coverage of the transportation and logistics sectors. In particular, she would like to know more about the changes in transportation utilisation and logistics data, compared to the same period last year.

In the second year of the pandemic, migrant workers are under the spotlight again. Phoenix Weekly's Senior Correspondent Zhang Nanxi is keen on talking to those who haven't been home for two years, as well as human resources managers of big firms.

Trips may be delayed, while life goes on. But this year, many young Chinese are staying where they are during the festive season.

CYZone's Reporter, Jolene Chen, wants to figure out major e-commerce platforms' performance during the holidays and consumption patterns of Chinese youth in major cities. Cao Qian from QQ.com is keeping an eye on the catering industry, seeking to feature Nayuki, HEYTEA and Starbucks in her stories.

Finance and the Markets
The financial markets may be closed in China during the holidays. Still, FinTech continues to bring about revolutionary changes in the financial industry, from virtual banks to digital red packets.

Securities Times' Reporter Li Yingchao will be working on stories about digital currencies, as well as wealth management businesses of banks in China.

In terms of general financial topics, China Economic Net's Wang Yan wants to receive more exclusive information about business and financial activities during Chinese New Year or affected by Chinese New Year.

New Economy
Apart from traditional industries, some comparatively new concepts have taken the nation by storm in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Feng Yu, Editor at Chuang Ye Zui Qian Xian, is going to cover DiDi's community group-buying platform, Chengxinyouxuan, and other group-buying platforms during the week.

Jason Wang, who set up his own media business in the past year, sees increasing potential in the family office industry. His media brand FO Insight is putting together a league table by analysing single-family and multi-family offices with excellent investment performance in 2020. The analysis will be part of his 2021 outlook piece.

The Year of Ox is likely to be a year like no other. As always, Telum Media remains committed to delivering the latest media industry news and facilitating engagement between journalists and PR professionals. May we wish you a warm and peaceful year with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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