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Dow Jones Newswires seeks a dynamic and experienced editor to handle headlines and editing for our coverage of the most urgent news produced by Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

This Singapore-based role positions you on the front lines of our real-time operations, putting some of the biggest news of the day - from multibillion-dollar mergers to acts of terrorism - in your hands as it breaks. The job also involves sending rapid-fire, breaking-news headlines to subscribers who are reading on their terminals. This is an opportunity to edit market-leading breaking news for the global authority in business journalism. 

You will be expected to quickly edit or write the first stories and essential updates as needed to meet the needs of our professional subscribers, as well as maintain the homepage of our online product NewsPlus. You will be an accomplished line editor who can spot mistakes and also isn’t afraid to flip the structure of a story or ask important questions when there are holes. We need someone who handles pressure with grace, inspires others with their passion for news and is adept with technology.

You should have broad knowledge of corporate and market news and a clear understanding of what investors and traders need and expect from a real-time news service. 

The right candidate will report to a Senior Publishing Editor and have: 

Journalistic skills
  • Exercises strong news judgment in headline writing, editing and fast-paced publishing.
  • Knows how to edit for accuracy and essential details while expediting publishing; understands how to enhance stories iteratively through updates.
  • Proficient in numeracy, draws on deep financial  knowledge, and is confident analyzing the data behind a story in real time.
  • Demonstrates the ability to edit for grammar, style, sense, jargon, accuracy, structure, balance and fairness.
  • Upholds Dow Jones standards and ethics.
  • Recognizes the core audiences for Dow Jones Newswires, and their needs and expectations.
  • Helps connect the content with the audience.
  • Ideally, 2 to 4 years of newsroom experience.
Digital media skills
  • Easily adjusts to editing on different systems and platforms and various formats and styles.
  • Proficient in using technology to enhance speed and efficiency of monitoring news, checking facts, handling urgent stories and communicating across teams.
  • Understands the importance of proper coding and tagging for headlines and different types of content for different channels.
  • Command of newsroom editorial tools, metadata and internal coding for Newswires.
Personal attributes
  • Takes pride in and ownership of his or her own work.
  • Prioritizes tasks and time while handling multiple responsibilities.
  • Meets deadlines.
  • Collaborates with reporters and editors from other groups.
  • Understands workflow beyond his or her own needs.
  • Flexible in changing / handing off tasks.
  • General awareness of how a newsroom works.
  • Functions well within a team.
  • Wants to learn new skills.



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