Life after COVID-19: How journalists navigate the 'new normal'?
Muhammad Arby

Journalists in Indonesia are preparing to welcome the 'new normal' era after COVID-19, find out their thoughts about it.

With most of the country, including Indonesia, spent almost three months under the social distancing policy, people have suddenly been forced to adjust to a 'new normal'.

One thing that is certain, adjusting to change can be challenging.

"'New normal' is a new challenge. We are demanded to be more adaptive and creative in our work," said's Tri Wahyuni.

Afut Syafril from ANTARA News hopes that media workers can be more discipline in applying rules regarding the prevention of the upcoming COVID-19.

Meanwhile, KOMPAS' Denty Piawai Nastitie and a Freelance Journalist, Rendy Mulyanto, emphasise more on how people will care more about their health.

"This 'new normal' does not mean going back to the pre-pandemic era, but we must become better in order to improve our standards of living," said Denty.

Leo Galuh from PaRR also said that the media industry will also slightly change and adapt to the 'new normal', with webinar and online press conferences are expected to be a new routine within the media industry.

"We will work more in front of the screen. The portion working in front of the screen will be more than the coverage to from the field," said Yusuf Harfi from Howdy Indonesia.

But, change is the essence of life -- everything is in the process of moving, growing, adapting, and changing. While the changes might have been jarring, journalists will always find a way to adapt to it.

"For me, 'new normal' is being normal, as usual. Because in life, change is a common thing," claimed Tri.

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