Redhill announces a strategic partnership with Vivid Creations
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Redhill announces a strategic partnership with Vivid Creations

Redhill has announced a strategic partnership with Vivid Creations, the Japan-focused marketing agency. Acting as a bridge between Japan and the world, the company has worked with government agencies and private companies to enhance its business and consulting development, marketing strategies, and creative solutions. Through this collaboration, Redhill will strengthen its existing market presence and capabilities in Japan while Vivid Creations will gain access to Redhill's knowledge and expertise across its network for its global clients.

"Redhill has long recognised Japan as a dynamic and high-potential market for communications. Vivid Creations – has demonstrated an impressive track record of delivering high-quality creative Japanese communication services and through this collaboration we’re excited to amplify our capabilities in Japan together," said Jacob Puthenparambil, CEO, Redhill.

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