Telum Talks Emerging Media | Part One: Newswires and Digital Disruption

Telum Talks Emerging Media | Part One: Newswires and Digital Disruption
Clare Manera

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In 2023, media outlets are looking to new technology to reach audiences, combat news avoidance and diversify revenue points. In this three-part series, Telum asks industry professionals about how they are adapting to the changing news environment.

Andrew Jaspan, Founder / Editor-in-Chief of 360info, spoke to us about the changing responsibility of newswires in the context of digital disruption. 

360info is a nonprofit subscription newswire service that collaborates with researchers, NGOs, development bodies and experts to deliver commissioned reports. Andrew says they aim to lighten the workload of newsrooms by adopting a slower editorial approach to ensure that they are distributing verified, credible information to media partners.

"Wires have long been a source of trusted information for journalists and the public, but digital disruption has supercharged this responsibility. The internet age has journalists stretched increasingly thin, as many newsrooms are having to produce a constant stream of content in diverse formats, often with dwindling resources at their disposal. At 360info, this has entirely shaped how we deliver our wire service."

A recent report by Reuters Digital News Project found that explanatory journalism and constructive or solutions-focused journalism are high on the agenda for media outlets in combatting news avoidance this year. 360info do this by addressing the world's key challenges, such as those broadly defined by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and by providing research-driven solutions.

Andrew told Telum: "Digitally-fuelled misinformation and spin means fact-checking departments have enough to do these days. We only distribute deep content authored by university researchers in order to give time-poor journalists ready access to a global network of experts."

"We’re also learning how to be more adaptable to the shifting preferences of news producers and consumers, and therefore we offer our content in various digital-friendly formats. Ultimately, wires like ours have a growing imperative to provide support for all essential news providers, and in doing so maintain open public access to high quality, evidence-driven information."

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