Telum Talks To… Corry Anestia, Senior Tech Writer, DailySocial

Telum Talks To… Corry Anestia, Senior Tech Writer, DailySocial
Muhammad Arby

This week, Telum caught up with a Senior Tech Writer at DailySocial, an online media that focuses on technology news as well as start-up content, to discuss the hottest issues in the tech industry.

Can you share what DailySocial is all about?
DailySocial is commonly known as a media that covers news about the start-up industry. But the truth is, we are more than that. We are a digital media company focusing on technology, funding, investment, corporate innovation, and the digitisation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

What makes it different from other media?
We have a tech consulting firm and assets or data that we can use. So when a corporate / start-up comes to us with a programme, we can help them with our research data.

We also have a platform called DSConnect, a database of company profiles. We can also connect start-ups with investors who want to raise funding. These businesses allow us to stand out, so we do not compete with mainstream news outlets in ways like news production. So those are our advantages.

What is your daily routine as a Senior Tech Writer?
My routine is writing. Just like other journalists, we don’t work a 9 to 5 job. Because news does not stop, and information is always up to date. It never stops.

What are the hot topics related to technology in 2022?
This is a bit difficult to answer because the sector is very dynamic. Maybe the hot topics next month will be different since the industry is fast-moving. Technology also continues to evolve.

If I could narrow down the hot topics in the context of the start-up industry, I think it would be Web3. That's what's been talked about a lot. There is a lot of news about investors focusing on Web3 funding and start-ups. 

In addition, there is FinTech. In my opinion, finances are endless. Every year there will be new innovations / products / features launched by start-up / corporates. In the last two years, we have also been busy with digital banks.

What are your thoughts on start-up bubble and crypto crash?
I can't say much. I see all of these are results of global crises such as the Russia-Ukraine war, inflation, etc. From the data that DailySocial collects, the investment climate in Indonesia is still rising. 

How should companies work with DailySocial?
If there are start-ups asking to be covered, they can reach us via the editorial email. They can introduce themselves and their products, to begin with.

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