Telum Talks To… Ion Akhmad, Co-Founder and Creative Director,

By Jessica Damiana

This week Telum talked to the Co-Founder and Creative Director of, Ion Akhmad

There are many outlets in Indonesia that cover luxury living. What makes stand out? uses the tagline ‘’Luxury Storytelling’’, all of our content aims to educate something to the readers. We also do fashion videos and sarcastic opinion pieces that will trigger readers to have their own stance in a lifestyle topic that is being talked about.

Who are’s readers and what kind of news do they enjoy?
Female and male aged 20 to 40 years old with a higher or high socioeconomic status. Around 75-80% of them enjoy reading fashion content, and the rest is divided into travel, hospitality, accessories, motoring, gadgets and culinary.

In your opinion, does the media have any role in helping brands sell their luxury items?
We need to understand luxury items are not our primary needs, so for readers, it’s actually enough for them to know the latest news in fashion collaboration, store opening, or new limited collection. is often mistaken as an online store so a lot of people would message us on Instagram about how much an item is and how to purchase it!

What do you consider as news?
We consider many aspects. First, newness, maybe an item is not costly but if it’s never been introduced to the market or it has uniqueness to it - we can cover it. Second, a product that is rare or has a niche market so not everyone can buy it such as a limited collection or brands who launch seasonal items. Third, because the brand has a good reputation and has established a good relationship with the editorial team.

If we can’t publish an article, we will immediately be honest and explain why. Communication professionals also need to realise and accept that content sometimes fits better on social media. All of these depend on how close and how the brand wants to create or build its image in society.

Any tips on how communication professionals can establish a sincere connection with journalists?
Personal touch is a must, don’t ever send an email where we can see it being sent to other journalists. Second, differentiate the way you communicate with senior and junior journalists. Third, be professional upon rejection. Don’t cut us off from press materials and events just because journalists are not writing an article from a press release.

In the midst of this pandemic, do you have any tips on how brands can bring a good experience?
What is ideal about webinars is that we don’t have to waste time on the road. Everything else about webinars is not ideal. On the day or before the day, brands can try to bring that experience by giving us hampers, which means they really expect our attendance.

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