Telum Talks To... Ricky Rosales, News Anchor at Radio Mindanao Network
George Putong

Telum Media caught up with Ricky Rosales, a News Anchor at Radio Mindanao Network, to chat about his beat, his radio network's target audience, and tips for budding journalists. Use the timecode to jump ahead:
  • 00:27 - More about his role at RMN Radio and Ricky's beat
  • 01:06 - Tell us more about DZXL RMN Manila 558's target audience
  • 02:58 - Advice to PRs interested in pitching to Ricky's team
  • 04:04 - What can be done better?
  • 05:52 - What inspired you to become a college professor?
  • 06:58 - What do journalists need more of?
Ricky shares that in a polluted digital media landscape filled with disinformation and misinformation: "The only antidote to that is to create an ecosystem that is full of meaningful stories that affect individual lives."

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