Telum Vox Pop: 5 things to know about tech journalism

Telum caught up with several tech journalists to explore about five things that people might not know about tech journalism.

Tech savvy, background in tech, passionate about tech developments, can use the internet, or always updated with the latest tech trend. Is that all that is needed to be a tech journalist? 

Well, let's find out five things to know about tech journalism from the real journalists themselves!

Aprilia Wahyuni, Journalist,
1. You don’t have to be a tech junkie
I study the science of interpretation of the Koran. Since this is new for me, I have to constantly explore the latest updates.

2. Read a lot
Reading a lot and looking for references will help you write articles about technology such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3. Be mindful of other beats
When producing technology content, apart from having a lot of references, we also have to know the business model. We should know very well how they run.

4. Knowledge of other sectors
Every business tries to use the latest technology to increase its efficiency. For example, in the health sector, what technology can help provide services? In the financial sector, many companies have successfully adopted AI technology.

5. Be prepared to write long-form articles
Discussions about certain technology issues cannot be written quickly. Explainers are needed so readers can digest them easily.

Luthfie Febrianto, Writer,
1. Eager to learn many things
If you don't understand what you're writing, your readers won't. There are many complicated words that people don't understand.

2. Translating new buzzwords is not easy
It is difficult to find the right words in Indonesian.

3. You feel like you're a scientist
Learning and knowing new things will make you feel more intelligent than the average person.

4. Don't be clueless about technology
You have to know the current technology when reviewing gadgets.

5. Be aware of other sectors
Technology Journalists should also be familiar with other sectors that will always be entwined with technology, such as automotive, health, and science.

Marsya Nabila, Writer, DailySocial
1. Read, read, and read
Anything happening in America will impact Indonesia. There are so many buzzwords in start up, so we must constantly follow the news and know what they mean.

2. Research
Install and try many apps, because this can enhance our articles.

3. Multitasking
Tech Journalists should be able to multitask. When attending press conferences / doorstep interviews, we should be able to transcribe and make news simultaneously.

4. Discussion
Tech journalists can burn out too. By talking to your coworkers, you can get new ideas.

5. Keep networking
Do not be shy to greet sources and maintain good relations.

Wahyu Noor Hasan, Editor,
1. You can't always write it like breaking news
Apart from having to explore current technology, we also have to explore past and future technologies for comparison. We also have to understand government regulations regarding other technologies.

2. Don’t be out of date about technology
We are required to know the latest development in technology. We must always be ready with new technologies.

3.  Often working abroad or out of town
People think Tech Journalists often travel for sightseeing. In fact, we are always writing.

4. Rich
We are often mistaken for being rich for having so many gadgets when in reality companies would let us borrow their products to review.

5. Constantly asked for gadget recommendations
There are people who think Technology Journalists know all the advantages / disadvantages of a product. Therefore, people would ask for recommendations to buy a device within their budget.

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