Telum vox pop: What are the crucial social media platforms in 2021 and how will this affect ROI?

Telum vox pop: What are the crucial social media platforms in 2021 and how will this affect ROI?

Joyce Mak, Director, Dynamic Duo PR 

With the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, video based social media platforms remain dominant as audience are gravitated to visual content that serves the needs of the new-normal indoor lifestyles. Instead of the traditional AVE and media impression calculations, more resources would be devoted to identifying emerging social media platforms and examining social media engagement through the form of likes, comments, mentions and shares, to prove the effectiveness of PR message reach.

Jerry Soer, Head of Southeast Asia, Collab Asia
Trends on social video platforms and content viewership on these platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram will continue to rise in 2021. The major trends will be in:
  • Short form clips to build awareness
  • Long form livestreams to push conversions
  • Local & conversational
And, of course, authenticity is the secret sauce of cultivating a community which, when done right, leads to brand love.

Louise Oram, Director Client Services, CatchOn
In 2021, we see the key platforms including Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and the likes still strengthening. As a branding agency, CatchOn always consider different platforms that resonate for our clients and their audiences such Tik Tok, Weibo and Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book). We also seeing an increasing need for the use of 3D technology from VR to Matterport and 360 videos. When developing strategy for clients, these platforms are integrated into the overall campaign as tools to further expand a brand’s reach and maximise the ROI for our clients.

Rosemary Merz, Managing Director, Archetype
Preferences for social media platforms will continue to splinter in 2021 as platforms launch, develop or access is denied – as in the case of Tik Tok. The PR industry will benefit from researching audience preferences for content formats and investing in strategies and stories that appeal to these formats, versus taking a platform specific approach. Good content will flow between platforms.

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