Case Study: CCG highlighting urban renewal with Henderson Land's urban oasis

Case Study: CCG highlighting urban renewal with Henderson Land's urban oasis

Overview and objective
Urban renewal has been underway in Hong Kong since the 1980s, and both the public and private sectors have been replacing and renovating old, decaying buildings. Henderson Land had seen an opportunity in the bustling Whampoa district and undertook a rejuvenation project which was to be the largest residential development in the area that would serve the community and local residents.

With strong belief in the impact that the redevelopment would have on the community, Henderson Land hoped to have this project, now named Baker Circle, recognised and esteemed by global industry experts. Thus, Creative Consulting Group (CCG) closely collaborated with the client on the Outstanding Property Award London 2021. The objective for the submission was to paint a picture of Whampoa’s rich fishing history and create a strong linkage to the needs of modern society.

Deciding on the Best Property Development category, CCG carefully reviewed the submission requirements, judging criteria, jury members and design presentations from the client and studied past award winners. With COVID ongoing, sustainability and mental wellness missions were taking the spotlight. CCG noticed that many past participants stressed only on sustainability as part of their submissions, but CCG leveraged and built on Baker Circle's focus on health and wellness.

Additionally, Hong Kong is famously known for its housing landscape and prices, but it is also known for its heritage as a fishing port. CCG identified this unique angle that would create a story about the full rejuvenation of this area of approximately 1,042,665 ft² with 70-year-old dilapidated buildings to the new Baker Circle serving young homebuyers and the Whampoa public at large.

As the story unfolded, CCG maintained a concise anecdote around the main theme of “Urban Oasis”, which was centred around transformation and health and wellness. Additionally, the story draws from Whampoa’s shipyard history and its proximity to Victoria Harbour, wherein Baker Circle’s façade reflects wave-like patterns juxtaposing the corn-like architecture of the older buildings.

Complemented with pictures from the past, CCG included photos of Baker Circle’s architectural design and key clubhouse features. Allowing the images to speak for themselves, CCG also highlighted how features such as the outdoor pool, urban farm and open gardens, conceived an “urban oasis” and “city resort”. These would inspire tenants with active and healthier lifestyles at home despite being in the midst of the pandemic where travel restrictions were rigid.

In 2022, final results were announced, and the Baker Circle project won a Platinum Award for Outstanding Property Awards London 2021. Due to this success, Henderson Land continued the working relationship with CCG, and CCG helped to submit similar award-winning stories for Baker Circle. For example, the project went on to win Best Architectural Design in the LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2021.

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