Event wrap up: Podcasting - A New Frontier for Media Engagement in Malaysia

Event wrap up: Podcasting - A New Frontier for Media Engagement in Malaysia

Telum Media hosted its inaugural topic-specific panel discussion on Podcasting: A New Frontier for Media Engagement in Malaysia last week. Held at Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun, the panel featured Freda Liu (Producer & Presenter of The Shift with Freda Liu), Reggie Koh (Founder / Head of Content at The Financial Coconut), and Hakimi As’ari (AVP, Head of Podcast at Astro Radio). The talk provided an opportunity for public relations professionals seeking to bolster collaborative strategies through podcasts and offered like-minded media practitioners a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of podcasting.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

Podcasting isn’t something new
The podcast's foundation is a talk show format, with technological advancements making it increasingly cost-effective, allowing more people to be involved in this format. Consequently, it is now referred to as a podcast. Nonetheless, the fundamental concept remains unaltered, involving casting, audience engagement, recording, editing, and the overall process is akin to a talk show.

Podcasting extends beyond audio aspect
In Malaysia and Southeast Asia, podcasting doesn’t rely solely on the audio aspect. Instead, it should be accompanied by a visual element to enhance audience engagement. Nowadays, many people are leveraging their expertise to create their own shows. As a stand-alone audio product, it will not meet the audience's demands.

Podcasting is not limited to one single format; it could be in various formats, including monologues, interviews, video podcasts (vodcasts), and more. For example, a vodcast can convey emotions better, an area where even Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot replicate human emotional expression. 

Genuine interest is key to sustainability 
To sustain podcast production, genuine interest is paramount. When starting a podcast, it is essential to ensure you have the endurance to maintain it over the long term. The constant evolution and changes in the market offer a wealth of material to work with. However, genuine interest is crucial for sustaining your efforts.

Cost-effective and tailored to the target audience’s interests
If you are delving into a particular topic or niche, a podcast is a more affordable way to feature a continuous story on a platform without the financial capacity for advertising. A podcast is a medium that allows you to effectively convey your narrative to a target audience tailored to your client’s requirements.

Select the appropriate profiles to be interviewed
Reggie shared three important criteria. First, it must be an authority figure or CEO. Second, the interviewee must have a social following to gain traction. This could be from different social platforms, including LinkedIn, a platform representing the business background of the profile. Third, the person should be able to share stories. Freda emphasised that good storytelling from spokespeople always complements facts with a story, analogy, and metaphor, making it easier for people to understand. Share the insights and stories, and refine them in post-production.

Choose the right monetisation methodology
Throughout the discussion, several monetisation methodologies were discussed depending on production capabilities.
  • Branded content: Hakimi emphasised the potential for podcast customisation for clients, especially when your team can produce additional shows and seasonal segments to cater to client preferences. However, this option is best suited for those with robust production capabilities. Freda also suggested seasonal show sponsorships that allow clients to prominently feature in a series of sponsored episodes to delve deeper into their stories. To succeed, you must establish your show as a valuable platform for clients to invest in sponsored content.
  • Dynamic advertisements: Dynamic ads involve seamlessly inserting ads into podcasts, but this will only be effective when you have a substantial number of downloads.
  • Event integration: Once your podcast has garnered a sizeable following, as evidenced by increasing downloads and subscribers, you can consider branching out into hosting events or related products.
Key performance metrics of podcasts PRs should prioritise 
  • Listen-through rate is essential: Listen-through rate is essential: Listen-through rate (LTR) is one of the important performance metrics that PRs should be looking at. LTR is how we evaluate the quality of the show and that means the stickiness of the audience. The average number of LTR is at 30% - 40% with anything beyond this range considered a high listen-through rate.
  • Dynamic advertisement insertion: Dynamic ad insertion is a method applicable to pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placement. This approach allows clients to gauge the effectiveness of their advertising efforts by evaluating the average listen-through numbers.
  • Content is everything: The panelists emphasised the value of compelling storytelling. Reggie underscored the importance of seamless collaboration by conducting all necessary communications via email, minimising hassles for the production team.

Contact details and a breakdown of Astro Radio, The Shift with Freda Liu, The Financial Coconut can be found on Telum Media. To find out more about Telum Media's events, get in touch with us at events@telummedia.com

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