Making Headlines in 2023

Making Headlines in 2023

By Clare Manera

Telum Media asked media outlets across Australia to share their favourite headlines and stories from 2023. Want to share your favourite headline? Get in touch at

Guardian Australia
Submitted by Imogen Dewey, Fronts Editor

Atilla died alone, and seemed to have no family. But a sex shop told a surprisingly different story by Mostafa Rachwani
This headline cracks open a story that struck a chord with readers around the world: a pandemic statistic, sad, but apparently unremarkable – until you look for the far richer and more moving human life behind it.

Trouble brewing: Australian brewers struggle in ‘craft beer recession’ by Royce Kurmelovs
Industry stories like this one run the risk of sounding dry to the uninvested reader, but the combination of pun and narrative suspense here seemed to work some kind of magic.

NT News
Submitted by Bethany Griffiths, Head of Content

Croc near my crack
A Groote Eylandt teenager shared his terrifying encounter with a 5.4m saltie that attacked him from behind.

The Crepes of Wrath
In this front page story a cream crepe assailant spoke after footage of her attack on the Chief Minister went viral.

Daily Mail Australia
Submitted by Barclay Crawford, Editor

I wanted to put one of our ‘Airbus Albo’ headlines in here, as we’re all pretty sure News Editor Daniel Piotrowski coined the nickname - but it actually in 2022. It’s certainly ‘taken off’, full pun intended, in 2023.

Voice referendum results LIVE: Tearful Anthony Albanese breaks his silence as Australia votes No in EVERY state - as Yes campaigners slam 'misinformation' and declare week of mourning
Ray Martin launches extraordinary three-word attack on Voice to Parliament No voters - and Anthony Albanese praised his 'powerful' speech
However, another story that was massive for us in 2023 was the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. On the night of the referendum, direct traffic to our homepage was bigger than at any time in my 10 years at Daily Mail Australia. In the late stages of the campaign, we revealed Ray Martin had dismissed ‘No’ voters as ‘dinosaurs and d***heads’ - summing up why this was such a divisive issue.

Nathan Cleary and Mary Fowler confirm they're a couple with a VERY romantic display as Matildas ace rests her head on footy superstar's shirtless chest
We are pretty proud of this story. These were the first pictures showing two genuine Aussie sporting superstars - Matilda’s Mary Fowler and the Panther’s Nathan Cleary - were dating. Yvette Kelly spied a Matilda’s fan posing with Cleary and our news and picture desks went to work and secured this magical set in Perth.

Junkee Media
Submitted by Alice Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

The Voice Failed, Now It’s Time Non-Indigenous ‘Yes’ Voters Show Up
An important call to action from proud Kamilaroi and Dharug person and writer at Junkee, Ky Stewart, on how they expect non-Indigenous ‘Yes’ voters to show up following the Voice To Parliament referendum’s defeat. This headline, and the piece in full, was one of Junkee's must-reads this year. 

Taylor Swift Is Dating (Taylor’s Version)
2023 was the year of the girl. Tube girl, the Queen in the North, girl dinner (and maths), Barbie, and, of course, Taylor. Fellow Swiftie Talecia Vescio’s thoughtful rumination on Taylor’s new era of self-realisation made my inner fangirl sing.

Submitted by Matthew Galea, Managing Editor

John Howard ‘Always Had Trouble’ With Multiculturalism Despite Having 900 Cultures In His Eyebrows
We never miss an opportunity to obliterate a politician with shit opinions. Here we have a very fair roast of John Howard after making shady comments about multiculturalism. Bloody Howard.

Pedro Pascal And Ethan Hawke’s Gay Cowboy Movie Has A Trailer Now & I’m Nothing But A Yee-Hole
This horny headline really resonated with our equally horny readers. Basically anything Pedro Pascal did last year made folks go absolutely rabid. Add in Ethan Hawke and gay cowboys and you've got a winner.

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