Podcast Profile: Blak Matters

Podcast Profile: Blak Matters

By Kristy Nguyen

Answers submitted by Teela Reid, Co-Host of Blak Matters, and Jessica Lukjanow, Executive Producer (News Podcasts and Partnerships).

Tell us about Blak Matters and what it covers.
Blak Matters is a podcast that is first and foremost about First Nations matters, and why they matter. It’s the brainchild of long-term friends 104.1 2DayFM’s Michael "MC" Christian and Teela Reid (proud Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, rebellious lawyer, essayist, storyteller, and Co-Founder of @blackfulla_bookclub).

The pair grew up together and with the forthcoming referendum, saw an opportunity to create a podcast that is an engaging and welcoming space for all Australians to become more informed on what has led to this point, what the Voice means, and how it could change the future of Australia.

The podcast speaks to issues surrounding the referendum, but also First Nations topics more broadly - history, present, future, media and culture, how to be a better ally, and major news events surrounding First Nations people and issues.

How will Blak Matters commemorate NAIDOC Week?
With this year’s theme being For Our Elders, Blak Matters will be featuring a very special episode with First Nations elder Millie Ingram, a Wiradjuri woman born and raised on Erambie Mission, Central NSW, who has been an essential activist in the First Nations space for decades.

In 2001, Millie received a Commonwealth Bicentenary Award from former Prime Minister John Howard for her services to the community and was awarded Woman of the Year in 2010 for the electorate of Heffron. She was also a finalist for the 2010 International Woman of the Year.

Blak Matters wanted to take the opportunity to bring forward the voice of such an impactful elder and to discuss both her living memories of growing up in Australia, and what she hopes for the future of the country moving forward.

What does this year's theme, For Our Elders, mean to you?
Teela: For Our Elders means honouring those before me whose shoulders I stand on. To be guided by the wisdom of First Nations Elders who have cared for this country is such a privilege.

Every Australian should be proud that we have the oldest surviving cultures on the planet and our Elders are a true testament to the enduring love within our Blak kinships. 

Who is the podcast's target audience?
While the podcast is centred around First Nations issues, it is really for anyone in the community who is curious about what is happening in the First Nations space as we approach the referendum.

Teela and MC have honest and thought-provoking conversations that are aimed to educate those listening - some episodes introduce listeners to the basics, like Episode Three’s Why Should I Acknowledge Country and Episode Eight’s The Voice bill has passed the Senate - so what happens next?, while some feature guests discussing topical moments like Episode Seven’s The highs and lows of Kings Birthday Honours with Narelda Jacobs. It’s a podcast that is accessible to listeners both young and old, targeting specifically those listening between 20 and 40 years old across the country.

Who makes up the team at Blak Matters?
Blak Matters is a LiSTNR podcast and is hosted by MC Christian and Teela Reid. It is produced by Simon Beaton and Executive Producer of News Podcasts and Partnerships with LiSTNR, Jessica Lukjanow.

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