Podcast Profile: PodPod

Podcast Profile: PodPod

In conjunction with the 13th anniversary of Jalan-Jalan Magazine in August, the team has launched its sister brand called PodPod. It is a Mandarin podcast that showcases various fun facts and topics. PodPod sees the needs of having a Chinese podcast in Malaysia and wishes to tap into the daily life of Malaysia’s Chinese audience especially during this pandemic.

PodPod goes live every day from Monday to Friday with regular segments:
Monday 5pm - Xuan耀你开心 World's Warm Story
Tuesday 10pm - Ghost Story
Wednesday 5pm - Ah Peng's Insurance
Thursday 10pm - 猴弟Baking
Friday 9pm - 小蓝 Stewardess Story
Saturday 5pm - Special Guest (currently Danny One)
Sunday 9pm - Chat Room

Person-in-charge: See Jin Hoong
Selected guest hosts will appear on an ad hoc basis

Malaysian Mandarin-speaking Chinese from age 16 to 55

Collaboration opportunities:
PodPod is keen to work with experts and leaders from various industries and sectors to help build the content together. It also welcomes products and services’ promotional and publicity pitches.


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