Publication Profile: Bayside Beacon

Publication Profile: Bayside Beacon

Tell us about the Bayside Beacon. How did it start?
The Bayside Beacon emerged as a response to the declining local news coverage in Sydney's Bayside local government area, serving communities like Botany, Mascot, Rockdale, and surrounds. As the COVID-era saw a dramatic decrease in local news, the Bayside Beacon was born out of the need to fill that void.

Today, we provide weekly original stories on local events, people, history, council, food, and more. We intentionally avoid topics that are well-covered elsewhere, like national news or sports.

How do you see the Bayside Beacon evolving?
Our current focus is to maintain quality over quantity. We can’t cover everything, so instead we aim for a mix of different stories instead of prioritising any particular subject. In the future, we plan to explore a diverse range of topics that may not get mainstream coverage and experiment with different media formats, such as podcasts.

What role does the Bayside Beacon play in the wider community?
The absence of local reporting weakens our communities and diminishes our sense of identity. A big part of it is just knowing that there is a place to go if you need to learn about a local issue, and people like seeing their mates in the local paper! Through the Bayside Beacon, we hope to give people a bit of pride in the area, inform residents on important issues in plain language, and champion our local businesses.

What are some key issues or topics you’ve covered so far this year?
This year, we've spotlighted hidden gems in the community, shared local history, and celebrated individuals making a difference. Going forward, we plan to delve into education and arts, and follow up on key state election promises.

Any advice for PRs looking to reach out to work with you?
For PR professionals looking to collaborate with us, please ensure your pitches have a strong local angle to align with our focus on the Bayside area.

Answers submitted by Founder and Editor, Michael Donohue.

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