Publication Profile: Daily Encourager
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Publication Profile: Daily Encourager

Answers submitted by Wayne Graham, Founder / Editor.

Tell us about the Daily Encourager.
The Daily Encourager is inspired by the need to provide more positive news in New Zealand and build hope and trust in the media. 

We build hope by having a strong values system for stories and reporting real-life experiences and events that encourage what is best in society. Our values include celebration and honour, generosity, courage and initiative, creativity, and care and compassion. We build trust by ensuring our stories honour, respect and encourage people, and are fact-checked by sources before being published. 

What does your audience look like?
Our stories are focused on real-life stories within New Zealand, so our target audience is New Zealanders with an appetite for encouraging news. Our audience makeup is skewed 60 per cent women and predominantly, our readers are aged over 40 years old.

Who makes up the editorial team?
We are a very small team with myself, Wayne Graham, as Founder / Editor, and three freelance Hope Writers based in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. We also have three volunteer subs.

What's in store for 2023?
Our stories are published on our website and we send out a newsletter of the latest stories to our readers every two weeks. Since our launch, we have published over 600 encouraging stories across the breadth of New Zealand, and we are keen on producing a print publication with the "best of" stories. We would also like to develop partnerships with other media.

How does the publication like to work with PRs?
We are open to pitches for stories involving real-life experiences that:
  • Demonstrate the strength and courage of the human spirit or care for people and the environment
  • Encourage giving back to the community
  • Inspire creativity

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