Publication Profile: Fashion Journal

Publication Profile: Fashion Journal

By Rhys Evans

Answers submitted by Branded Content and Features Editor Maggie Zhou and Assistant Editor Izzy Wight.

For people who may have never come across Fashion Journal, can you share a little insight into how it was founded?
Fashion Journal was launched under the family-run Furst Media umbrella in 1991, where it remains today. Born and based in Melbourne, we’ve spent the last three decades fostering a community of Australian readers who want more from fashion media than the reiteration of trends.

While Fashion Journal has a history in print, we’re now a digital-first publication. Operating out of Brunswick, we’re passionate about championing emerging talent and highlighting diverse voices.

What topics will Fashion Journal oversee during Fashion Week?
As FJ readers likely already know, we focus on fashion content that sits outside the trend cycle. During Melbourne Fashion Week we’ll be spotlighting some of our favourite emerging designers and creatives.

We’ll also be chatting about the values behind the brands, and how you can best cater your Melbourne Fashion Week experience to suit your style. We’re excited to be a media partner for another year running, showcasing all the best bits happening around the city.

Are there any particular themes you’re keeping an eye on or wish to cover?
The yearly Student Collections Runway is always a huge highlight for our readers. It’s so exciting to see what’s being dreamt up by the next generation of local design talent. We’re always looking at students who incorporate sustainability into their collections in new and interesting ways.

Who is part of the editorial team?
Fashion Journal’s editorial team is small but mighty! Our Managing Director, Giulia Brugliera, is on parental leave this year. Our Editor is Cait Emma Burke who has been at Fashion Journal since 2020 and oversees all editorial ongoings. Then we have Izzy Wight, our Assistant Editor, and me, Maggie Zhou, our Branded Content and Features Editor.

How have you seen the fashion industry change in the past decade with the influence of technology?
The fashion industry is intrinsically linked to politics, culture, and society. What’s happening in the "real" world will undeniably trickle down to the fashion world. Whether you realise it or not, every person who wears clothes is part of the fashion system. Technological advancements have rapidly sped up the fashion cycle. It used to be revolutionary that Zara could turn around a garment from idea to store in two weeks. Now, ultra-fast fashion giants like Shein have reduced that timeframe to a few days.

That goes hand-in-hand with the rapid trend cycle social media perpetuates (from vanilla girl aesthetic and blueberry milk nails to gorpcore and blokette). In tandem, we’ve seen Gen Z and other generations become much more environmentally conscious (hello, climate crisis). Fashion Journal prioritises local labels, especially ones focusing on sustainability and ethics. As the fashion industry continues to be monopolised by a few key players, the importance of independent and emerging labels cannot be understated.

What advice would you give to PR professionals looking to establish meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with fashion publications?
Relationships - professional or otherwise, all take time to build up. The more conversations (online or in-person) had, the better rapport and understanding formed. That goes both ways, PR and media go hand-in-hand, it’s a mutualistic relationship.

Our fast-paced industries mean we are all naturally time-poor, meaning we gravitate to working with PR professionals who are kind, quick, well-connected, and reliable. Send easily digestible emails that are relevant to who you’re pitching to. Follow-up when necessary. Understand the publications you are working with.

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