Publication Profile:

Publication Profile:

1. Tell us more about - what does it aim to achieve and what makes your publication different from others in the travel and lifestyle industry?
Our namesake says it all - is the go-to resource for things to do and see in and around Singapore. Our edge? We cater to the everyday Singaporeans with our hyperlocal voice. That said, readers can expect in-depth resources uncovering things to do in and around Singapore, because who says Singapore is boring?

Remaining the top travel and lifestyle platform continues to be our aim. But that’s not all - we’ve set our sights on expanding this passion for local-centric content to our other markets: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. With this, we’ll continue to showcase unique experiences and information relevant to the everyday reader in all markets.

2. What sort of content do you publish and what are the different series your team is working on?
With lifestyle and travel content being our bread and butter, you’ll find a rich resource on things to do in and around Singapore. But it’s not just about dishing out the deets on the latest haunt or uncovering a lesser-known gem in the ‘hood. We also reach deep into the heart of every Singaporean, that is, keeping a lookout for bookmark-worthy deals and lobangs.

It doesn’t end there. We’re people too, so we share relatable stories from interesting perspectives, sometimes diving deep behind the scenes to find out more about what really fuels Singaporeans. Life of a gas delivery man? Exploring Marina Bay Sands’ massive underground city? Finding out the struggles of gifted students? We’re here for it all.

You’ll also notice a steady stream of nostalgic content and local mystery pieces. We do, after all, always love a blast from the past and tea-talking points, too.

3. Who is’s target audience?
Our target audience is the typical Singaporeans - whether kiasu or kaypoh. Likewise, local millennials would’ve likely heard of us. A good portion of our audience falls between the ages of 25 and 45. But Gen Zs and boomers, we know you check in too!

4. What kind of image do you want your readers to have of
We’re essentially you. We want to continue being the go-to resource when it comes to things to do locally and abroad, catered to Singaporeans. We want our readers to know they can rely on us for quality content that’s both relatable and useful.

5. What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment?
Travel is (thankfully) up and running again, so we've our eyes on new and fun things to do abroad; especially in the SEA region that's popular amongst our readers. And of course, our team is always on the prowl to uncover hidden gems and attractions right here in Singapore.

6. Are there any exciting plans in 2023 that readers can anticipate?
Stay tuned for more travel guides and itineraries - we'll do all the work for you, so just worry about buying that plane ticket. We're also looking to push out more exciting content beyond regular lifestyle scoops, like behind-the-scenes features and perspectives.

Plus, we've been experimenting with our other social media channels like Telegram, which lets us be a lot more engaged with our readers.

7. Are there any PR pitches you’d like to receive more or less of? How can PRs work with
We love getting stories on novel human profiles and exclusive insider access to cool, new spaces in Singapore. Whether we're covering the next big attraction or following a bus captain around for a day, we look out for content that's captivating, relatable, and of high value to our readers.

We can be reached at, so slide into our DMs if you think we can work together!

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