Special Call for Proposals: Biodiversity in the Tropical Forests by Rainforest Journalism Fund

Special Call for Proposals: Biodiversity in the Tropical Forests by Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Southeast Asia Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF) and the Pulitzer Center are opening a new special call for journalists, editors, and independent media organisations to submit a proposal on the biodiversity of tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia: Impact of exploitation and deforestation on biodiversity and conservation efforts. The projects ideally would highlight local voices and have a strong distribution plan in influential local and / or regional news media (can be print, online and / or broadcast, or a combination). The plan must also include commitment letters from interested editors and publishers working in the news media outlets they propose.

Some points to be considered while developing the proposal are:
• The impact of deforestation on biodiversity and conservation in Southeast Asia, and the responsible entities behind the matter
• Existing and / or ongoing biodiversity protection and conservation initiatives in the region
• How the local communities that live in the forest benefit from forest biodiversity for food, medicines and tradition
• The importance of forest biodiversity for climate mitigation and resource sustainability regulation such as food, clean water and air, and health
• Issues related to injustices, gender inequality and land rights issues

The proposals can be submitted in English or Bahasa Indonesia, but the reporting can be done in any national language. The deadline for this special call is on 30th April. More information on the special call can be accessed from the official Rainforest Journalism Fund's online portal

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